Raw materials


raw materials

Modern market gardening needs growing media with constant chemical, physical and biological properties. Stender offers the ideal product for every plant and planting method. The sum of the positive characteristics of the raw materials we use fulfil this demand.

Growing media are made from a mixture of various components and raw materials such as white peat, wood fibre, clay, perlite, fertilizer etc. For this various raw materials and a wide range of high quality fertilizers are available at Stender®.

Which raw materials are used by Stender®?

Here you can learn more about the properties of our raw materials:

Raw materials in the spotlight

Peat Cutting and renaturation

Responsible and sustainable use of our peat resources

Arbeiten mit der Natur.jpg

After the harvest, our peatlands do not lay waste but are, as part of a bog protection programme, remoistened. Objective of this remoistening is a so-called renaturation of the land, which gets back its original vegetation and can once again develop into bogs. The success of this responsible procedure can be seen in the fact that former peatlands we have renaturated have already been declared natural protection areas. This commitment and the methods used can be experienced, among other things, at the Verein zur Förderung von Naturerlebnissen e.V. Association for the promotion of nature experiences.

What happens after the peat cutting?

Here you can learn about our commitment to environmental protection:

Working with nature

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