Peat-free potting compost and peat free substrate for horticulture

One reaches new target groups through innovation, quality and the timely recognition of market trends. The consumer is made more and more aware of peat reduced or peat-free products by the media. This generates a demand that you should use!

Climate and environmental protection are becoming more and more important in our society and are of high relevance. In this conjunction retailers and consumers are calling for a solution with peat-free potting soil and peat-free plants.

For this reason we offer you both. Not only our peat-free potting soil but also our peat-free growing media, which are well proven in the practice, cater for this demand. With our "peat-free" concept we have created a unique selling point for us and our partners.


The demand is increasing

With the affluence in Germany the number of responsible consumers,
who think outside the box, is also increasing.
Action groups, allotments and self-sufficiency are just a few
of the catchwords that could be named in conjunction with the willingness
to consume responsibly. More and more passionate gardeners
are very close to the subject of environmental protection and ready to show
their "ecological commitment" with high quality products
to make their own contribution towards conserving the environment.
Peat-free grown plants have a high lifestyle potential and trigger a very special buying experience with the customers.

So that you satisfy the increasing demand in this premium sector Stender offers you peat-free potting soil and peat-free growing media.

to the products

„I am peat-free”

You and your customers will always encounter our key
visual, the, "I am peat-free", frog where peat-free products
from Stender are the focus item. No matter whether packaging
design, advertising campaign or internet presence - the
likeable brand ambassador has a high recognition value.

We would be glad to provide you with our advertising material
thus supporting you in sales.

With peat-free grown plants you have a genuinely unique selling
point, which meets the requirements of the target group
and increases your revenue in this sector.



Our motivation

The Stender AG is a peat processing company. The demand
of some institutions to completely stop the use of peat, can, based
on today's knowledge, hardly be realized due to a lack
of alternative raw materials in the required amounts.
We have always been very open and customer oriented
with respect to the demands of the market for an alternative
raw material. Our company sees this as being close to the market and not
as a criticism of the important raw material peat.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Be part of it from the very start and capture a target group that is especially receptive for the subjects of nature and enviromental protection.

  • The consumers' increased awareness for the environment and the political discussions call for a solution in the peat-free soil area. We support you with advertising activities in the selling of these products.

  • Benefit from the enormous cross-selling potential of our peat-free potting soils and growing media and increase your revenue.

Peat-free products from the experts - a great opportunity!

With our wide-ranging product portfolio, "Peat-free", we would, together with you, like to take the
opportunity of conquering new markets. Be one of the first to offer peat-free grown plants and convince your customers.

Our concept has enormous cross-selling potential - complementary to the peat-free grown plants you can

offer the customers the right soil and support them in their commitment to sustainability.

The Stender peat-free product concept ensures an image enhancement and enables you to access new

target groups in a continuously growing market.


Peat-free compost

Stender® peat-free potting soil
Can be used universally for all kinds of plants with
the exception of bog plants and special plants.
. It is suitable for beds and flowerboxes for the spring, summer and autumn seasons outside
and for potting and repotting houseplants indoors.
. The composition is well proven in the practice and the sales promoting packaging with its catchy text
and pictures promises a lot of attention at the POS (point of sales).

ZB9 peat-free growing media

ZB9 peat-free growing media
Growing media for pot sizes 10-13 or containers up to 3
It is well-tried in the practice and has proven itself
for a variety of decorative plants and nursery plants.
bewährt. Various planting methods are possible without any problem with watering
from above (irrigation trolley) or
Vliesmatte)from underneath (ebb and flow felt mats).

Do you have questions about the product?

Make contact

Do you have questions about the product?

Make contact
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